Data Driven Systems

UK 3 Boyne Park Tunbridge Wells Kent, TN4 8EN

We’ve taken some of the brightest, young experts Indonesia has to offer and educated them on western development techniques and practises. We’ve created a stable environment to nurture exciting & creative talent and balanced it with the experience and knowledge base of an international management team

Web Design & UX Web Development eCommerce  

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Aisya Faruq

Watuaji, Rt 01 Rw 01 Keling, Jepara

If you have any questions, about the snips I uploaded. can contact me.

PHP CSS Javascript ALpha Anywhere

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IT Solutions - Alpha vers 12 - Indonesia

Web & Mobile Development CMS Development Ecommerce Development  

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Rifqon Muzakki




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Michael Cornford

3 Chyngton Gardens, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 3RP

Michael works in the South of England. His customer base is International but most new customers are based in or near London.

4 months in the year I am in the Semarang office. Semarang is half way between Jakarta and Bali.

Database visualisation Map based programs Chart based dashboards Moving and reporting data

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Govindan Gandhi

33 East End Avenue #2A, New York, NY 10028 USA

Retired Surgeon, at present runs a retail wine store.
Programs for hobby.
Comfortable with alpha up to version 11, javascript frameworks like angularJS, iconic and
css like Bootstrap and Ratchet as well as jQuery mobile.


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Glen Schild


GJ Stats
Business & Database Solutions


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Mike Reed

3222 E Kristal Way, Phoenix, AZ 85050

I have been using Alpha products since Alpha4, version 1. Have created several applications ranging from a simple password database, dvd cataloging, inventory management, human resources app, full service app for managing care for a service company providing services to persons with disabilities and a full service app for a service company providing services to apartment complexes, including pay, billing and accounts receivable and work order management.

Database development desktop applications web applications  

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Ivan Lozano


Construction Apprenticeship Program


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