Frequently Asked Questions


What is AlphaSnip?
AlphaSnip is a website for Alpha Anywhere developers to upload their components and share them with others.

What's it used for?
It's a showcase for free and bundled Snips, and components like grids, list controls, templates and CSS style sheets.

What's inside a Snip?
A Snip may contain CSS, Html, JavaScript, an a5w page, a5wcmp, Xbasic code.

Who can use AlphaSnip?
Alpha Anywhere developers who use Alpha Software for their web and mobile apps.

What do users need?
You need a basic knowledge of Alpha Software (Html, CSS, JavaScript, and Xbasic) to build a Snip.

Where can Snips be used?
On a Alpha WAS (Web Application Server) because components are built with Alpha Software.

What will you not find at AlphaSnip?
A Snip for PHP or any other web server: Snips will only run on the Alpha WAS.

So, can I copy and paste a Snip?
Only if you are a registered user.

Legal disclaimer
The AlphaSnip team have thoroughly tested all the components submitted to them, but AlphaSnip makes no guarantee about how they will function after they have been downloaded and integrated into other organisations' systems.

What's the cost?
Currently, downloading Snips is free.

Sounds interesting! What next?
Read the User Manual and watch the tutorial video. Then sign up! Everyone's welcome!

To contact support

I really like AlphaSnip. Is it OK to promote it?
Great! Feel free to share it with anyone you want!

I have ideas to share about tweaking Snips. How do I go about it?
Even better! Email with an outline of your suggestions.

Are you related to Alpha Software?
No, we are Alpha Anywhere developers not commercially linked to Alpha Software.

What snips allowed to submit?
Any kind. We welcome all snips submissions

What should be included in uploading Snips?
Submissions may contain a5w, a5cmp, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Xbasic, and everything needed to make snip works.

What happen after a snip being submitted?
Alphasnip Team will test each snip in Alpha Web Application Server (WAS). Once vetted & approved by us, your component will appear on snip pages, where it can be downloaded for free by AlphaSnip members.

Could I re-submit tweaked snips (with additional componentry by others)?
Yes you could, AlphaSnip members allow to resubmit their tweaked snips (with additional componentry) by others and turned into an upgraded Snip (from the initial submission)

What the difference between components and Snips?
Only AlphaSnip produce snips everyone else produces components. So if it reads a component built by Alpha and it has not been submitted as a "Snip" then it is surely a "Component" but when somebody submits a component we rebrand it as a "Snip".

What is portfolio feature?
It is an extra feature given to AlphaSnip members to create portfolios of projects in their profile.
Click here for demo

Who can see this portfolio?
Anyone can see your portfolios, including clients from banks and companies who look for Alpha Software programmers to build sophisticated web and mobile application.

How can I get portfolio feature?
To get this feature, you need to be registered and upload a snip here. The snip will be reviewed by AlphaSnip Team. When it approved you will be notified by an email and portfolio feature activated in your account.

I have already submitted a snip, where is my portfolio feature?
It takes 2-3 of business days as your snip is under review by AlphaSnip Team. Just patiently waiting or send an email to

How to add portfolio?
Go to Help  and follow the steps to add portfolio